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  • Karastan Quality Carpeting at Foster Flooring

High-Quality Karastan Carpeting


  • Karastan's Zebra Magic

    Straight from the Jungle, Karastan brings Exotic Magnificence to Your Decor

Metropolitan Style

  • Karastan's Metroploitan Alure

    Karastan's Take on the Urban Mystique

Naples Charm

  • Karastan Borrows from Italian Culture

    Naples Charm: Soft and Sophisticated

  • Karastan's Naples Charm Transforms Your Environment

    Naples Charm offers a magnificent choice of earthy tones.

Unlimited Choices of Carpeting Excellence

  • Karastsn Satisfies Every Carpeting Need

    Karastan Offers Endless Choices to Fit Any Room or Application

  • Karastan Carpeting Options

    So Many Attractive Choices, Karastan Offers a Wealth of Options

Go Green with Karastan Wool

  • Go Green with Karastan Wool Carpeting

    Wool: The Renewable, Environmentally-Friendly Resource that's So Good For You!

  • Karastan Blends Urban Moxie with Green Living

    Wool Carpeting: Providing Countless Benefits for Healthy Living!

  • Karastan offers a Wide Range of Wool Styles to Choose From

    Wool Carpeting: Plain or Fancy, Choose from a Wide Variety of Wonderful Styles

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